March for Life 2017

This year it is a week later than usual as this year it fell on a Sunday and after the Inauguration and Women’s March and they have typically held the March on the Friday before the January 22. This year there will be some discussion with the new President and what his actions will be. At the event they have already confirmed that Kellyanne Conway will attend along with VP Mike Pence, Pence will be the highest ranking political member to attend this event. This leads me to believe that Trump might call in as previous Republican Presidents have done in the past or something like that as well, short of attending. Since in his interview with David Muir from ABC News, Trump when asked about the Women’s March came back with a question of his own for Muir about the lack of coverage of the March for Life in the media. Muir was speechless. Will this bring more media eyes on the March for Life is the real question, or will it get like a mention of a counter protester. However, this concern for the March for Life seems to go counter to Donald’s attitude to the rest of the world as building a wall, keeping people our of the country, and his plans for women’s health care. This is what the March last Saturday was all about that everyone need to have the same respect and rights women, men, LGBT+, straight, young and old, whatever and wherever you come from.


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