Oscar Nominations

It’s that time of year already. This year we have some diversity in the nominations. Meryl picked up nomination number 20, La La Land got 14 nominations and Viola Davis become the first African American woman with three nominations. That’s some pretty cool stuff going on here.

Best Picture: or Film I didn’t see this year.

Arrival: Science fiction film about linguistics.
Fences: Denzel Washington’s first step into August Wilson’s Century Cycle this is set in the 50s.
Hacksaw Ridge: Biopic about that conscientious objector, Desmond Doss who refused a weapon during WWII
Hell or High Water: a Crime\heist Western
Hidden Figures: Biopic about the female African American NASA engineers who help get us into space.
La La Land: a musical about the wonders of Hollywood and falling in love.
Lion:  sort of a biopic about that Indian child who got lost and adopted by Australian and then went to find his family.
Manchester by the Sea: Amazon’s first Oscar Nomination, Casey Affleck’s attempt to make us forget about his brother.
Moonlight: It’s sort of like Boyhood, as it is a story about a boy growing up to become a man, but it explore life and masculinity of African American men.Best Animated Film: Here we have a surprise as Pixar is not nominated at all. Disney’s Zootopia and Moana go for it against Kubo and two films I’ve never heard of The Red Turtle and My life as a Courgette.Lin-Manuel Miranda is on his way to an EGOT with a nomination in Best Song, he is up against two songs from La La Land, City of Stars which won the Golden Globe and Audition (The Fools who Dream), a song from Jim: The James Foley Story by Sting and that song by Justin Timberlake from Trolls. Although it seems like Miranda is facing an uphill climb here but perhaps Hollywood would be nice for once and let a kid from Washington Heights win an Oscar but it not I’m sure there are going to be more chances for him to take home an Oscar in the future.
The biggest surprise of the whole list has to be ESPN’s OJ Simpson miniseries making it as a Documentary feature and there is still a chance for it to pick up an Emmy nomination when those come out.  It was released in select theaters in LA and New York so it qualifies for an Oscar.


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