NCAA Football National Championship games and Playoffs

This upcoming weekend is jam packed with football at both college and professional levels. As we have the FCS Championship game, four Wild Card games and then the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, the FBS Championship game.

Saturday at Noon we have James Madison taking on Youngstown State, this seems to be an exciting game since North Dakota State, the five time reigning champions, will not be playing in the Championship game. JMU has blow out most of it’s competition this year in the playoffs while Youngstown has had several close games. If you have some spare time on Saturday this will be the game to watch as the NFL playoffs slate on Saturday afternoon doesn’t seem watchable. As we will have a rookie quarterback in Connor Cook and the Raiders taking on a Texans team who they faced in the regular season, a game in which the Raiders won. On the other side we have the Lions playing in Seattle as they sort of just fell into the playoffs this year and it’s doubtful if the visitors will get out of this round.

On Sunday we have a couple of better games the biggest is the Giants and Green Bay where while they are playing at the frozen tundra this was the same place where they beat the Packers on their way to win their most recent NFL Championships, although it seem it might not happen this year with the Packers being a hot team having won their past 6 games and the Giants haven’t scored 20 points since about that same time.  It will be the most compelling game on Sunday as it seems like Pittsburgh will easily beat the Dolphins .

Finally, on Monday the biggest college football game of the year will take place and we will watch the same two teams from last year battle it out for the Championship.  This year Alabama and Clemson are playing the game and I sure hope that Alabama will finally lose a Championship game and we will see them play in a close game for the first time this season since the Ole Miss game. Clemson will be playing for only it’s second football National title. It would be great for college football either way I guess. Nick Saban only needs another National championship to tie Bear Bryant for the most Championships by a coach. However, it’s getting to the point of the UConn women’s basketball team where we all know that they will be playing in the Championship game just because.


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