Thanks and ideas for 2017 posts

As we come to the end of the year I just want to thank all you who put up with the variety of topics that interest me. In the upcoming year here are some ideas of what I will be looking at focusing on.

I will be doing several posts (at least 6) about Fatima, as this year will marks the 100th anniversary of the events and the Pope is going so that’s noteworthy. Since Lent occurs at the same time for both Eastern and Western Churches this year, we will focus on Great Lent and other facets of the Eastern Orthodox season. The Rosary reflections will be coming back and I hope to have fewer movie and television show reviews and they will only be about good things that I’ve seen. The News Roundup will change a bit, instead of talking about multiple stories perhaps the focus will be on only one or have it multiple days of the week, not sure yet. I hope to do a bit more reading and sharing the books that I’ve been reading more often, this year I started off great but Amoris Laetitia was released and that sort of messed up reading in general as I had started reading War and Peace and it just never got far when I went back to it. Hopefully, I will finish up all the Vatican II documents and move onto the documents of Catholic Social Teaching.



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