Christmas music

This year I started to listen to Christmas music pretty late, compared to previous years. However while I was looking up albums I found out that Elvis’ Christmas Album is the best selling Christmas Album of all time it’s gone Diamond. This is baffling to me sure Elvis sang Blue Christmas, but  don’t remember any other Christmas songs being sung by Elvis, perhaps I’ve  just never heard any sung by Elvis, I guess it is time to look it up on Spotify and listen to some Elvis for the Holiday. However that could just be that I grew up with a loop of Andy Williams, Peter Paul and Mary, Kingston Trio, John Fahey, The Vince Guaraldi Trio and A Very Special Christmas. As Dad has a reel to reel of Christmas that we’d put on every year, and we’d play the various tapes and eventually compact discs if we got tired but we hardly got tired of “The Christmas albums” on the reel to reel. Perhaps we need to add some Elvis to the digital collection for the future.


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