News Roundup

Jeopardy!: This is the story of the season as Cindy Stowell has been going on a tear on Jeopardy recently, but prior to her shows airing she passed away. Cindy had Stage 4 cancer and was a life long fan of Jeopardy and it was her dream to be on the show. She died 8 days before her first show aired, all her winning are being donated to some cancer charity as well so that is a great thing. This is the perfect time for this to be happening.

Election 2016: With the Electoral College having cast their final ballots electing Trump president the results of the popular vote have been certified and it’s pretty crazy. Clinton beat Trump by nearly 3 million votes but didn’t have enough electors to win the Presidency. They note that this is the second time in five elections that the Democrats won the Popular vote but lost. Now we’ve got a whole bunch of people who are clamoring for an end to the Electoral College. While this might be an idea the real thing that should be done is fix how election work, like make it a preferential vote where vote for lesser candidates make it back to the big name if they like don’t cross 20%, make it easier for voters to go vote and make election day a public holiday to increase involvement as roughly 54 % of the registered voting population voted in November,  but I think most important the election campaign season build up need to be shorter as the most recent on was at least 600 days long however one could argue that Hillary was on the trail since she lost to Obama in 2008. If any of this changes it would be a wonderful step in the right direction for the United States.


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