Politics: Trump’s Cabinet nominees

Sure it’s a topic that no one is a huge fan of but I would like to make a point sure Donald Trump has been naming Billionaire after Billionaire to his Cabinet, but none of these positions have been approved yet and as of today the Electoral College hasn’t even voted yet to determine if Trump is going to be the President. Although it seems unlikely that Trump doesn’t win there is a very slim possibility that it could happen. Even if the Electoral College does by chance some how not certify the Trump Presidency it would go to congress for debate where the Republican hold the advantage in both houses so it seems like Trump Pence are here to stay. However this doesn’t mean that Trump Cabinet would be approved since some of these name are pretty bad. I mean Ben Carson himself said that he was a poor choice to be a Secretary of whatever as he’s never run a federal agency. What ever comes of it there will be a bunch of white males and at least a couple of women like Linda McMahon and Nikki Haley in his Cabinet.  Hopefully this will only be a single term in office and we can have some reasonable debate/ civil discourse in the upcoming years that is my biggest hope for the future


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