Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today is the Patronal Feast day for half the world, as she is the patron of The Americas (North and South). Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego in 1531. At first she appeared on the hill of Tepeyac on December 9 and spoke to Juan Diego in his native language (Nahuatl or Aztec) she identified herself as the Virgin Mary “mother of the very true deity” and asked for a church to be build on this spot.  Juan Diego went to the Archbishop and he didn’t believe what was happening, so Mary again appeared to Juan Diego and insisted that he continue to plead to the Archbishop. On the 10th the Archbishop told Juan Diego that he needed a sign to prove who this apparition was. Juan Diego conveyed the message and later in the day he was told by the Lady to come back tomorrow and the proof would be there. However on the next day Juan Diego’s Uncle had fallen sick and Juan Diego didn’t leave his side until the early hours of the 12th when he went out to fetch a priest to hear his Uncle’s confession and provide last rites.  Juan Diego wanted to make this a quick trip and went around Tepeyac to avoid the Lady, however the Virgin appeared to him none the less and asked where he was going. Juan explained by Mary wasn’t having it and responded “No estoy yo aqui que soy tu madre?” (Am I not here, your mother) She explained that his Uncle would recover and that he should take some of the flowers (Castillian roses, a flower not native of Mexico) from the top of Tepeyac and bring them to the Archbishop. So he did collected them in his tilma and went off to the Archbishop and when Juan Diego dropped the flowers the ground before the Archbishop there appeared the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, this same image is on display at the Basilica in Mexico. This has become one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the world.  Let us keep our heavenly Mother in our minds over the upcoming week.


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