Captain America: Civil War (2016)

In Captain America: Civil War the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I have seen we are treated with something that should have been called Avenger 2.5. It deals with the consequences of the events in Age of Ultron.  Spoilers to follow.

The film begins in 1991 with Bucky killing Iron Man’s parents and stealing some Super solider serum for Hydra. Then we return a year after the events in the last Avengers movie the Avengers are confronted by the World saying that there needs to be some sort of agency behind the organization, as when the Avengers show up there is going to be a big mess to clean up. As after their latest mission they accidentally blow up a building and kill several civilians.  This is the Sokovia Accords, where  a UN panel will over see and control the team. This idea causes friction between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark as Tony is all for the oversight and Steve wants the independence. At the signing of the Accords Bucky or so we are lead to believe sets off a bomb and all hell break loose. Captain America and Falcon go off and with the help of Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) locate Bucky Barnes, the Winter Solider, since they want to help Bucky. Cap and Falcon get some help from Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Ant-man. Stark on the other side want Bucky in custody, so he get the UN approval to set up his own group with War Machine, Vision, T’Challa (The Black Panther), Spiderman and Black Widow although she doesn’t really care who wins and help Cap and Bucky get away at the airport. So they go after the bad guys what’s his name, Baron Zemo, who wore a Bucky mask when he planted the bomb. He also found a video tape of Bucky killing Tony’s parents which Tony watches. Tony, Steve and Bucky get into a big fight. This film really does nothing as several people have pointed out it is basically Batman V Superman all over again it’s a weak story with an even weaker reason behind the fight.

It’s been 13 film so if you’ve been watching you are stuck currently as there doesn’t seem to be any end until at least the Untitled Avengers movie in 2019 or 20. If this story was told over several films it would have had a better impact overall there was just not enough time for Tony and Steve disagreement to really matter. So it seems like the Secret Avengers are a thing with Cap and his crew perhaps now living on the Raft,  while Tony and the Avengers with UN oversight will be the Avengers. Since it seems like everyone who has ever been in one of these MCU films will be back fro the Avengers 3 and 4. If you haven’t watched any of the Marvel movies good for you,  but don’t start now as you have a lot to catch up on before really understanding what’s going on. I mean I’ve seen them all and am still a bit confused as to why things happened.


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