College Bowl Games

The big news this weekend was the end of the NCAA FBS (Division 1) college football season. Sure Army and Navy have a game on this upcoming Saturday but it’s not like the game means anything with Navy losing the American Conference Title this previous Saturday to Temple. The games that people are making a big deal about the “playoff” games which pit the top 4 teams against each other, Alabama will most likely beat Washington and Clemson and Ohio State will be a close game. Ohio State’s inclusion as one of these playoff teams has been met with a bit of confusion as they didn’t win their Conference title nor did they win their division. This is the first time that such a thing has happened. Will this lead to an expanded playoff system with like 8 teams going in playing at the beginning of the Bowl season and then around Christmas and finally in the Championship game that first week in January? Yet this could in turn lead to an at least 12-16 team playoffs where all conference champions get in as well as some at large bids.

There really isn’t a great solution of this system unless you have all 125 or so teams play against one another, how would the North Texas Mean Green fair against the Florida Gators. With 10 different conference and several Independent teams this wouldn’t be feasible to do in one season. Let alone the disparity between a team in the Big 10 and the Sun Belt. This isn’t like basketball where in March there could be some Cinderella teams that emerge and does something crazy. Sure Boise State did their thing against Oklahoma about a decade ago, but that’s the biggest upset in a bowl game.

Of the other almost forty games to be played several will be exciting to watch. Virginia Tech will be playing in their 24 consecutive bowl game, all three Service Academies will be in Bowl Games. So take some time and watch one of the “lesser” bowl games and you are bound to have more fun compared to the known results of the playoff games.


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