News roundup

Beer: UNESCO has named Belgian beer culture as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This means it’s important to the world in general like that of Rumba or kimchi making. being named to this list helps demonstrate the diversity of cultural heritage around the world and raise awareness about its importance. If only those people in the United States took some time and cared about these different things in the world.

Dam: The US is removing old and unneeded dam which in turn restores rivers. This is a smart plan and I wonder how many dams across the US could be removed and turned back into rivers without any resistance.

Christ’s tomb: So with the opening of Christ’s tomb back in October we were bound to get some news coming out for a while. It turns out that they found some electromagnetic disturbances on the stone. This lead back the the Shroud of Turin which was made by some type of radiation. There are dots which might connect but the scientist need to talk with one another and more science needs to be done I guess before any official reports are made.


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