Once again we reach the beginning of the winter holiday season, put on some stretchy pants and be prepared to eating and drinking for the next month or so. I hope that we can all take some time and remember that we are to be giving thanks for all that we have on this special day. Often times peoples minds shift from the event to all the savings that await on Black Friday and Christmas in general. As now is the time to begin writing Christmas cards and all those fun things.

Thanksgiving and Eucharist are linked as they mean the same thing and this is what really happened at the first Thanksgivings they were Eucharistic Celebrations. If you have that chance to attend a mass today it is a wonderful thing to do as we give thanks to God for the blessings that we have in this country. Sure we are a diverse group of people but just take a look around your dinner table and see the various individuals we are all different people and have different ideas about just about everything. We need to give thank for this diversity, sure it seems like half the nation is still reeling from the Presidential Elections but at least we have elections. Let us give thanks for all those who keep our nation safe and protected.  Once again the day is called Thanksgiving and we should be giving thanks for all we have and can give to each other since we are all in the same boat and if it’s sinking we all will be bailing it out.

Thanks for continuing to read my ramblings.


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