Star Trek: Enterprise

Since it is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this year I though that I should at least watch some of the television series, I’d already watched TNG and a bit of Voyager and TOS, but I never watched any of Enterprise or Deep Space Nine. So what better time than now to start working my way through. I’m about halfway through Enterprise, the forgotten series.

It is the first in the timeline following the events of the first deep space explorers on the first Warp 5 equipped ship. Set in the 22nd century about 100 year before the events of the Original Series it gives us a unique look as Earth makes its first go at exploring new world and making contact with Alien races. There a few problems with the series and a bunch of good stuff. My biggest issue has to be the theme song is just so riduclous, it’s like a minute and a half long and there are lyrics and it’s sung. Another issue that I and many people have is the uneven quality of the show some episodes are really great and exploring unique ideas where others feel like retellings of older episodes from previous series or even worse about a half idea that they though would be interesting. Then there is that final episode from what I hear is troubling.

In the series we follow Captain Jonathan Archer; Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker, III; Vulcan Sub-commander T’Pol; and the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise as they make first contact with basically everyone. Most of the time the episodes in seasons three and four are regarded as better than those in the first two seasons.  Sure it takes time but America was a different place when it debuted from when it was shot having 9/11 just happening a fortnight before it premiered. The first two seasons are rather light and most episodes are single stories compared with the later seasons. It’s been s decade since it ended so give it a chance.  If you have a knack for some Star Trek all of the television series are on Netflix including the animated series, or if you are really looking forward for Star Trek: Discovery this seems like a series to watch.


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