News Roundup

South Park: Like most of the world Trey and Matt thought that Hillary was going in to win the election. So as a result they were forced to change up the plot of their newest episode.  Unlike the Obama /McCain election episode of eight years ago which was a heist story in About Last Night… , but since season 18 each season has become a continuous story.. So the Douche won and not the Turd Sandwich but the season will continue making fun of life as we know it.

Colbert: In light of the election Stephen Colbert offers some a great reflection on it during his Showtime election special. If you haven’t watched it please take the time and do so. This is what we need in a time with such deep division amongst the people of this great nation.

Sesame Street:This sounds like fun the folks over at Warner Brothers are working on a treatment to develop a new Sesame Street movie. Will it be something akin to Follow that Bird or more of Elmo in Grouchland? That is still to decide however they say that the film will appeal to both the parents and the kids who watch it, as most parents of young children grew up watching Sesame Street it seem like a logical move. Hopefully it get made.


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