2016 US Presidential Election

First off It seem likely that the Elections in the US need to be overhauled in some way shape or form, perhaps using a ranked ballot instead of whomever get over 50% as so many of the Independent voters might have pushed either candidate ever further. I you don’t know about other voting systems check out CGP Grey’s YouTube videos on Politics in the Animal kingdom.

Well it seems like history has been made a century after the first woman was elected to federal office we will have to wait a little longer for a female President, and America has elected a hopeful one-term president. It will be Donald Trump the “business man and builder/real estate tycoon” from New York, who will be the least qualified since Hoover as Eisenhower was at least General of the Army, as the next President of the United States and he’s got a Republican Senate to work with. So things will be easy for him to get things done. Appointing a Supreme Court Justice and repealing the Affordable Care Act are the major things that Republicans want to do and Trump want to redo trade deals with China and Mexico as well as building that wall. Although these thing need congress to do as well. However the sun will rise and we will still be living here tomorrow and the world did not end because Trump won. More importantly the election really isn’t decided until the Electoral College place their ballots in December. Sure this isn’t what anyone expected only a couple hours ago but it’s what we got. Will Trump moderate to try to appeal to the general public? Trump is will become the oldest President in US history as he is already 70, so hopefully this will lead to a single term. It already looks like in 2018 we will see the Democrats make huge gains in the Senate and Congress, then in 2020 will showcase a new slate of candidates running for President.


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