Signum Magnum

Signum Magnum is an Apostolic Exhortation from Pope Paul VI in it which Paul VI renewed the consecration of the World to Mary which was made in 1942. Next year will be the 75th anniversary of  of Pius XII’s consecration, and it seems likely that Francis will be doing something with Mary next year with the huge anniversary at Fatima. The Exhortation focuses on Mary, to put it simply Mary is the Mother of the Church, we should pray more and renew our personal consecration to the Immaculate Heart.

Paul VI begins with highlighting the past doctrine on Mary and sums it up as “without wishing to restate here . . . the traditional doctrine of the Church regarding the function of the Mother of God on the plane of salvation and her relations with the Church, we believe that, if we dwell on the consideration of two truths which are very important for the renewal of Christian life, we would be doing something of great utility for the souls of the faithful.” He them moves to the idea that Mary is the Mother of the Church and goes into great detail on this. This is followed by eight points of focus. The point are pretty obvious if you’ve read any Marian literature. Like how we should imitate Mary in our lives and how prays are Through Mary to Jesus. Paul VI hopes that Mary can be used as a key in our relationship with the Eastern Churches as Mary seems to have long been the key to the faith.

Let us bring Mary into our life and try to be Mary to the world around us. Hopefully, Our Heavenly Mother can help guide us in time of trouble. As she is always there for us.

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