US Presidential Election and those other ones as well

This is the big week in a matter of hours the final ballots of the 2016 Elections will be cast and we will learn if Hillary or Trump becomes the next President of the United States. I for one only have one request for whomever is so lucky as to win the election and that is they stick to a single term, we’ve have three two-term Presidents in a row and it would be wonderful if some other families could have a chance at leading the nation. Either way the next President will be the oldest elected of second oldest elected as Hillary will be 69 and Trump is 70. Reagan himself was nearly 70.

Across the nation there are also some Senate elections as well as the entirety of the House of Representatives. There are also some other elections for individual States. Whatever you do if you can vote in all the elections. Sure the “big name” Presidential election gets all the press but the smaller local elections can make a world of difference in your community. So go vote on Tuesday.



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