News Roundup

World Series: Well the series has gone the distance with game seven tonight in Cleveland. Either the Cubs or the Indians will end a long World Series drought. Cleveland pulls their ace, Corey Kluber, out yet again pitching in his third game this series. Chicago has Kyle Hendricks going on regular rest. Kluber has been trouble for the Cubs to get hits, however Hendricks is about in the same boat as he hasn’t allowed a run since October 16th. Yet it seems like the Cubs bats are waking up at the right time having scored 12 runs in the past two games. It will be an exciting evening if you have some plans change them so you can watch history be made by either team.

Food: Alton Brown is going to be bringing back his popular television program to the internet. It will be a sequel to Good Eats and sounds great. If you haven’t heard about head over and watch the video, I loved watching Good Eats and can’t wait for some sort of new version of the show to come back.

Voting: The DC Council has unanimously approved an interesting idea “automatically register residents to vote through the Department of Motor Vehicles.” This is a common sense idea that need to be done across the nation, everyone already gets a license so why not just bring the two together. If only the federal government could do something like make Election day a holiday or some way to increase the voter turnout.


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