News Roundup

Netflix: A Trailer has been released for Gilmore Girls if you haven’t watched it what are you waiting for. There is still some time to catch up on the previous seasons before the release in November.

World Series: Typically to go along with the World Series we have a couple of articles about the Mayor or Governor and Senators wagering something against their counterpart in the other city.  This time around the Governors are betting pizza and beer from Chicago and mustard and beer from Cleveland. While the senators are just wagering some beer. However this isn’t the only bet Rabbis from Chicago and Cleveland have also placed a wager, and the losing Rabbi will travel to the winner and have a debate on the Jewish significance of baseball.

Inventions: This sounds like an interesting invention and hopefully it works and can lessen the impact of emissions on the atmosphere. Dutch scientist have created a giant vacuum that sucks out contaminants from the air creating fresher air. This seems like the way that the world will be moving towards if this invention is a success perhaps every one will own one and help offset the carbon emissions that we all make during the day, think of it as something like carbon offset. It could be a game changer


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