News Roundup

Netflix: According to the letter that was sent to Netflix investors in 2017 they are planning to release 1000 hours of original content. This is a huge increase from the 600 hours this year. Hopefully it won’t be 400 hours of less movies available on demand. This is a large increase and is pretty amazing at how much stuff Netflix is making itself so it isn’t caught up in licensing fees.

Washington DC: The Constitution for statehood has been approved and now goes to the citizens of Washington DC to decide if they would like to live in the “State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth” or Washington DC. Although this is a better name for the state than the previous named New Columbia. If approved by the residents of DC it would then go to Congress to get approval, this however is the biggest hurdle as although it seems likely that the Democrats will get a bigger chunk of the pie in Congress so I’m not sure if both DC and Puerto Rico would both get in or if Republican would rather want to have at least one “republican” coming in as well or might they just want to add all six of the delegates to voting members of the house. This is an interesting aspect to watch in the upcoming election.

Politics: For once Trump has a good idea. Donald Trump is bringing up the idea of Congressional term limits 6 years in the House and 12 in the Senate. This seems like a smart idea as it is often seen as the weak part in the political machine in America as there is currently a member of the house who has been there for a half century and a member of the senate who has been there for 40 years. Now this isn’t the smartest thing as Congress itself would have to approve this legislation and it seems unlikely that they would approve something that would kick out about half of them from office.


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