Championship series

Well the Divisional round is finally over and before we have time to catch our breath the ALCS and NLCS are about to begin. The best thing is that whoever win will blue and white will win the day, also who ever make it to the World Series will breaking long droughts in ranging from 22 to 107 years.

In the American League it was pretty quick with the Toronto Blue Jays as well as the Cleveland Indians swept the series. The Blue Jays made easy work of the Texas Rangers and Cleveland bid the Red Sox a quick exit. So, Toronto will face Cleveland with Cleveland being the higher seed Toronto play in the ALCS last year where they lost to the Royals. This year the Indians won the season series 4-3. They have never met in the Postseason but the basketball teams in their respective cities met in NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Could this be the year for Cleveland to win in Baseball for the first time since 1948, the city has already won quite a bit this year. I think that Toronto will have the best chance to get through this series as they played in it last year and

In the National League it took a little longer to see who would make the Championship series. The Chicago Cubs are back in the Championship game with hopes of making their way to the World Series, they overcome the legacy of the San Francisco Giants who had won every World Series in an even year this decade. The Los Angeles Dodgers barely survived the Washington Nationals to get the chance to make it to the Championship they were last there in 2013 and no one is expecting them to advance. Washington once again failed to make it out of the first round a common thread in DC sports over the past decade. Anyway it seems only logical that the well rested Cubs will have the upper hand in this upcoming series.


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