News Roundup

Nature: Scientist at CERN have discovered that trees are good for clouds.  Now this doesn’t seem like it is that big of a breakthrough as anyone could have told you that trees make nature better. The scientists have discovered that trees can produce gases that make cloud seeds. It is an interesting process and perhaps we could do more for the world by planting more forest. It’s a good idea.

Beer: In yet another change it seems that Beer is now a healthy food. In a recent study they have figured that beer with hops might protect against liver disease. Sure it isn’t the best of research but I always find it funny how every couple of years some thing which we thought was bad for us is now the new trendy think to do. Look at wine and coffee over the years as well as fat and how many time we were told that drinking wine/coffee was bad for us and eating fat was a good thing only to be reversed a few years later. As Julia Child put it “Everything in Moderation . . . including moderation”.



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