Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week the reading come from the second book of Kings 5:14-17, Psalm 96, Paul’s second letter to Timothy 2:8-13 and Luke’s Gospel 17:11-19.

We have a couple of readings about Leprosy this week in 2nd Kings we hear of a leper who become clean and this story is similar to that in Luke where ten lepers are cleansed. One leper comes and offers thanks for being cured. However, in the Bible this can be considered some sign of sin. It is something that effects us all. We have the sacrament of reconciliation which is something which can use to clean the sin from our lives. We are given ample opportunities but often forget about this sacrament since it is offered at least weekly at parishes across the world. All to often are we like the nine lepers who didn’t come back to thank the Lord for curing them but just went about their business. As the story goes Jesus tells all ten to go show themselves to the priest and while they were on their way they were cleansed, and one realizing that he is clean turns back to thank Jesus. Let us all try to be like that one leper and turn back, going out of our way, to thank the Lord this week.


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