Division Series

Now that the Wild Card games are over we know who all the teams in this round are. Congratulation go to the Blue Jays and Giants for making their way out of the Wild Card games. The Giants hope that history can repeat itself and they can come home with another title after winning the Wild Card game. Now in past years the winners of these games have done fairly well especially in the National League.

The American League kick off the Division series this afternoon with the Toronto Blue Jays traveling to play the Texas Rangers. Over the season it was pretty close with Toronto winning four of the seven games they played. So it could be anyone’s game to win, but I’m thinking the Rangers might have a better chance to come out on top. Later on in the day the Boston Red Sox will host the Cleveland Indians. During the season Boston had their way with Cleveland taking four of the six game from them. It’s David Ortiz’s final postseason so it seems likely that his teammate will want him to go out on top. Both team will play again at the early times on Friday.  I hope that the ALCS ends up as Rangers playing the Red Sox

In the National League play begins on Friday afternoon with the Washington Nationals hosting the LA Dodgers. This isn’t that great news for the Nationals as during the season they only managed to win a game against the Dodgers but those games were back in July. Kershaw hasn’t really been great in the Postseason either. I am pulling for my Nationals to make it out of the Division series for the first time in history. The late game on Friday in the Chicago Cubs playing the San Francisco Giants. Everyone one has been predicting that this is the Cubs year but this is going to be a tough series and should help whomever comes out of the Nationals/Dodgers in the next round. The Giants hope to once again win a World Series Title in an even numbered year. The Cubs haven’t won in a century.  I’m hoping that it’s the Cubs playing that Nationals for the NLCS.


One thought on “Division Series

  1. I’m a Cubs fan so want them to progress, but failing that I think the worst match up would be Giants and Dodgers. I like how unpredictable a match up between teams who don’t play each other so regularly can be, and LA vs SF would be less interesting for me.

    Also, I want the cubs to win 😛

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