MLB Playoffs preview

The Baseball regular season doesn’t end until next week October 2 or perhaps later with a play-in game. So far most divisions have a winner except for the AL Central where Cleveland has a seven game lead on Detroit but they play each other the next couple of days. As for the wild cards that might get even crazier over the next week.

In the American League Texas has won their divisions, with Cleveland on the verge of winning the Central and Boston having clinched a playoff spot but the Yankees could play spoiler along with Toronto and force Boston into the Wild Card game but that seems unlikely. In the Wild Card race Toronto, Baltimore and Detroit are all within a three games of each other. Baltimore faces Toronto for three games then Toronto face Boston for three more so they might be on the outside looking in come next week.

In the National League Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles have wrapped up their respective divisions and it looks like Washington and LA will be facing off in the NLDS. As for the Wild Cards it is a three team race between New York, St. Louis and San Francisco, all three teams are within a game and a half and there is a strong possibility that there might be a tie between at least two of the three teams. If that happens there will be a play-in game it would be crazy with the game on Monday the third since the Wild card games are scheduled for Tuesday October 4 and Wednesday the 5th. This will be an exciting week of Baseball.


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