I read an interesting story about Netflix. It focuses on how there are plans to make half of their content original stuff. Now this is pretty cool news as most of the original Netflix programming is top notch and think about the all the new content that they have coming up (a rumored fifth season of Arrested Development, more Black Mirror, more Marvel shows, The Crown, that Bill Nye show, Lost in Space, MST3K, as well as many others) not to mention all of the movies that they are making and releasing as well. This however might not be the greatest thing as marketwatch points out that this might mean that Netflix will be dropping old TV shows that they have to pay licensing fees on as well as movies. Netflix invented binge watching old television shows are wonderful for this, I’ve watched several shows this way Quantum Leap, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks and best of all it’s got all types of Star Trek, even the animated series, that I can work my way through. This is the greatest thing about Netflix and hopefully they won’t be dropping some major television shows, but will be adding more of both the original content as well as leased things.