News Roundup

Movies: First up we’ve got the trailer for the new Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt movie Passengers. It is scheduled to be released around Christmas and is a sci-fi romance about two people who are mysteriously woken up from their sleep chambers 90 years before they are scheduled to arrive at their destination. It’s Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt staring so it will have a big audience when it opens and it looks like it will be just them for a majority of the film.

Television: The CW has some good news for fans of the DC Comic Television shows as The CW will be available for free for everyone through the CW App. This is good news as recently The CW announced that they will no longer be on Hulu as they have been in the past but the good news about this is that the latest seasons will be added to Netflix a matter of days after the season ends compared to the months that it currently does.

Election 2016: This is pretty stupid news as we’ve got a story looking at who is to blame for the election and although many would blame Millennials with their support for third-party candidates as a major factor according to this article the real generation to blame is the Baby Boomers who have a strong bond to the Republican party. Next Monday, is the first Presidential debate so hopefully this will do something to change people’s mind of who they should vote for in November.


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