Twenty fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week the readings come from Amos 8:4-7, Psalm 113, Paul’s first letter to Timothy 2:1-8 and Luke’s Gospel 16:1-13.

The reading we hear this week are about balance and fairness, and how having faith our lives should be balanced. Amos beckons that the scales in the temple be balance so that the poor are treated the same as the rich. Once again we have a parable in the Gospel this week it’s about a manager of an estate who is about to be fired and he goes to those who owe his master’s estate anything and renegotiates a deal with them out of spite for the master only holding them to a portion of what they owe. A servant cannot have two masters for he will hate one and love the other.  This is a huge deal in the world today as it seems more and more people are more concerned about what type of phone they have and how much money they have and not much else. We need to spend time with one another and talk. Sure it seems like the world is more connected with everyone on facebook and everyone carrying their phones everywhere they go but this is not as it seems. Let us all take some time during the week to try to build relationships talking with one another using our mouths and ears.


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