Television talk

To start off Netflix has announced that Black Mirror’s third series/season will come out in about a month on 21 October, add this to Luke Cage as things that are must watch on Netflix in October.

Meanwhile, Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot at an Emmy luncheon has gone on the record saying that the show will last four or five seasons. The second season ends next week and the series has already been renewed for another season. So we are roughly halfway through the show and I am still not sure what all is going on, perhaps after next week we will all gain some clarity.

Secondly, the AV Club has a great write up on the show New Girl, and how it evolved into one of the best shows currently on television. If you have some time check the article out and if by chance you haven’t seen the show before check it out either in reruns or as it return for season six this fall.


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