Nintendo NX rumors

There are some rumors around the internet that Nintendo will be making a big announcement this week about the release of next console, however some newer news has pushed this announcement back into October. Bloggers were speculating about some news on 14 September as previous announcements have been made on this date notably the Nintendo Wii. We already know that a console is going to be released in March 2017. This past week Sony revealed their “new” version of the PS4 the slim and pro. The silm is just the PS4 but in a smaller case and the pro version is simply one with updated chips and other hardware this console will be able to play games on 4K televisions. Way back at E3 2016 Microsoft made a similar announcement with the XBOne as the revealed they are working on a high-end model which would be the “most powerful system ever”. These two announcement are a bit weird as we are in the middle of a generation (8th) and neither are really that big of an update like from PS3-4 or XB360-XBOne. Most people haven’t been that enthused by the news from Microsoft and Sony so it seems like the perfect time for Nintendo to make an announcement. Whenever it is made this is going to be huge news as it is widely speculated that the NX will be a home console as well as a portable system rolled into one.


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