News Roundup

Space: Remember the Electromagnetic Propulsion thruster which could if it works cut down travel time  from the roughly six months to a year to Mars to a more manageable 70 days. The EM Drive is about to be launched into outer space, although no date has been set for launch it could come within six months, to see if it really does what scientists have said it roughly does here one Earth. The drive works by using microwaves as fuel to propel, if this works it will be a major leap forward for space travel however it will throw a big kink into Newton’s Third Law. I hope that this happens soon as it would help lower to cost of space travel by a whole bunch since we won’t have to carry any fuel to get anywhere, and this seems like the first steps to a hyperdrive.

Star Wars: Someone had some free time and drew up an info graph about how much a AT-AT would cost to build and surprisingly it is even less than what the US has to pay for a B-21 bomber, but far more that a simple tank.

SpaceX: This is a cool article about Elon Musk’s company and how it’s using a similar plan that Boeing used that made air travel a regular occurrence. If Musk succeeds this could be a wonderful thing and would even perhaps begin to lower the cost of space travel.


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