Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

DC comics latest attempt to cash in on what Marvel has done with their cinematic universe, hasn’t gone all that well it’s been a series of missteps. On the heals of perhaps the best interpretation of Batman on the big screen by Christopher Nolan, DC decided that dark was they way to go with all their heroes and we got Man of Steel a mediocre Superman movie where Supes kills and basically destroys Metropolis, however this is all just a set up for the sequel.  So we finally get a Batman v Superman movie that’s been rumored for a long time, however it seems everyone wanted something better. Spoilers to follow

The film begins with an origin story of Batman since no one knows why he became The Batman, his parents were shot and Thomas Wayne’s dying words were Martha (Bruce’s mom) who also died. This is the key thing we have to remember it will be important later. In real life time it’s been 18 months since the events of Man of Steel and people are torn wondering if Superman is a hero or a threat to society. Lex Luthor has found a giant piece of Krytonite and wants to bring it into the US. Batman’s been Batman in Gotham for 20 years or so and Clark Kent want to investigate his brand of justice for the Daily Planet. Luthor has a party and Bruce is invited and Clark is covering it for the paper. Bruce uses this invite to do some detective work and hacks into Luthor’s computer, Diana Prince was also invited to the party and steals the device before Bruce can collect it.

As it turns out Bruce gets the device back and decrypts it he learns about the krytonite as well as the meta humans, The Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Cyborg (Victor Stone) and Wonder Woman (Diana Prince). Batman decides that he need to kill Superman, meanwhile Lex Luthor has been doing his own things. Lex got the body of Zod, and access to the ship that crashed in Man of Steel and adds a bit of his own blood and creates Doomsday. Lex also has Martha Kent kidnapped by the Russian from the beginning of the movie, he’s not that important. Superman gets a ultimatum from Luthor kill Batman and bring back his head or your mother dies. Batman and Superman fight until Superman say “Save Martha’ and the fight ends Batman and Superman make up, Batman goes to rescue Martha Kent and Supes goes back to find Doomsday being born. With Martha safe Batman joins the fight and they are soon joined by Wonder Woman. The only way to kill it is with kryptonite so Superman goes and get the spear that Batman fashioned for their fight. Although Superman does kill Doomsday he himself is killed as well. There is a huge funeral and Bruce and Diana are there, Lex goes to jail and at the end we see the dirt that was tossed on Clark’s grave start to float.

The film would have been so much better if it decided if it wanted to be a Batman movie or a Superman movie, but it was both and it felt rushed. This is something that could have unfolded over a couple of movies, with Superman dying at the end of the second one saving everyone and not telegraphing that he’s coming back in next part, they could do like the Supermen series where Superman was replaced by four different heroes posing as Superman. That would be a cool movie and perhaps they will go this way but it seems like Superman will appear/come to the rescue at the end of Justice League. If you haven’t seen it yet and are a huge fan of Batman or Superman sure you should watch it but otherwise don’t waste your time. However perhaps this will change over time and we will like the DC films as much as we all like Marvel or we will start hating the Marvel films as much as the DC ones.


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