News Roundup

Television: Fox is working on a new show that a comedy version of The X-Files. This is only an ordered pilot so nothing will come of this until like 2017 and won’t likely see the light of day until next fall at the earliest. It would be great if X-Files gets a second miniseries and is paired with this comedy series it would be wonderful. The pilot has Craig Robinson and Adam Scott playing Scully and Mulder like characters investigating unexplained incidents in and around Los Angeles. It is a clever idea but seems to be a rather weird addition sure Fox wants comedies but will people still be clamoring for science fiction on television in a year.

History: Here is a cool story as an Israeli man scavenged from the sea a whole lot of artifacts from the Power Station he worked at. After his death the artifacts were given to archaeologists. The  trove contained things from the middle bronze age and had some other rare pieces as well including a grenade from the Crusades. I for one never realized that grenades were that old, these would be used by filling it with alcohol or gun powder or something like that and thrown/shot on to a ship where it would explode into a large fire thus destroying the ships. However the archeologists say that the “grenades” might have been some type of perfumes and not an explosive device.

Dinosaurs: This third story it another cool one since it’s about the pterosaurs, you know flying dinosaurs. In Patagonia scientists have discovered a new species of pterosaur from the Early Jurassic Period and the fossils that they have found include a head which is uncrushed. This is pretty great and it would be wonderful if more people realized that not all flying dinosaurs are pterodactyls.


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