Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio recap

These are the final days of the 31st Olympiad and there have been some high points and some low ones as well. The current news cycle is emphasizing a low one with Ryan Lochte, an American swimmer fabricated a robbery when clearly he and his friends were drunk and trashed a bathroom at a gas station.  The game televised during prime time in America has been a joke as pointed out by just about everyone in the US, and in a smattering of articles online. Sure these were the first Olympics that were really streamed live but it would be nice if the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were live, especially since Rio is only an hour ahead of the East Coast of the US.

There have been a bunch of nations who have taken home their first Gold medal including Vietnam, Kosovo, Fiji, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Bahrain and Jordan. On top of all these some of these were the first medals in anything for Fiji, Kosovo, and Jordan. Currently there are like 80 nations who have won a medal. The new events have been interesting to watch, Rugby sevens is pretty enjoyable to watch and even the Golf hasn’t been that bad. It’s been a decent Olympics and it’s been nice to see some of the lesser known events like Handball, Archery, and Field Hockey which are seen on American television only during the Olympics.  We get to wait two year for the Winter Games in South Korea.


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