Star Wars News

A new Trailer for Rogue One has been released. We will be seeing the capturing of the plans to the original Death Star so it’s somewhat like the old PC game Dark Forces. If you haven’t played it before best to play it on the PC, and I’m sure there are legal ways to play it still. I played it growing up and it was one of those games that I play through several times. Only four months to wait for the movie to come out.

There are also rumors that in the Han Solo anthology film is going to have Lando Calrissian in it and Donald Driver is in running for the part. Perhaps we will see that game of Sabacc where Han won the Falcon from Lando and other elements from The Han Solo Trilogy of book and incorporate them in  the Han Solo movie. Kind of like what they’ve done with introducing Thrawn into the Canon with him appearing in season three of Rebels.


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