Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

There have been some more details about the new Star Trek television series that is coming to CBS for the pilot episode and then moving to CBS’s streaming service. It will be set in the Prime universe where all the other shows exist in and is set after the formation of the Federation and before The Original Series in 2255. The unique thing about the show is that it’s going to not focus on the captain of the ship but the female lieutenant commander, who is not white. This will be great since CBS doesn’t have much diversity on the network and it would be great to have a female lead since that rarely happens in science fiction. The show will debut in January of 2017 and then move to streaming, I really hope that there is a chance that they air it over the air, hopefully CBS has a horrible show in the fall/spring or at some point or it goes to like Netflix in the US as well. Only time will tell.


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