MTV Classic

VH1 Classic is going off the air in a few days and it will be replaced by MTV Classic on August 1. This will be the 35th anniversary of the first day MTV aired. The first hour will be the very first hour from MTV, and then a retrospective on Total Request Live followed by a bunch of MTV Unplugged. The focus of the channel will be the 90s and early 2000s and feature shows from that era. It sounds like a cool idea since they will be doing like weekend marathons of Road Rules and early seasons of Real World. It will also show the cartoons Beavis and Butthead as well as like Daria, Clone High, Aeon Flux. Rumor has it they will also be showing some music videos as well on top of all the cartoons. It seems like this is somewhat in reaction to the huge success that like Cartoon Network has done with Adult Swim like Family Guy and Futurama being a major factor in the growth of the network as well as what Teen Nick has done with The Splat which is their block of 90s shows. It sounds like I might check out the network at first and then perhaps look forward to it watching it. I just have to find the channel first.


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