Deadpool (2016)

I finally got around to seeing the R-rated Superhero movie Deadpool. Spoilers to follow.

I like most people who saw the film weren’t as versed with Deadpool before seeing the movie. The film takes what I like about superhero movies and being Deadpool it breaks the fourth wall. It is meant for the 18-perhaps 40s and fans of the comic book, as I’m not sure there is a market for those any older. The movie itself is very unconventional as it starts in the middle and goes to the beginning and comes back a couple time. Deadpool is Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a former special forces operative who has become a mercenary for hire. He finds out he has terminal cancer and is approached by Agent Smith who offers Wilson that they can cure his cancer. Francis, known as Ajax is in charge of this and after it Wilson changes Francis says that he can fix Wilson’s appearance as he has been disfigured by the mutation and explosion. As his friend Weasel (TJ Miller) comments “You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado.” Deadpool is approached by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, two X-men, to join up with them. Deadpool refuses as Francis escapes. Francis goes to the bar owned by Weasel and finds out that Deadpool/Wilson had a girlfriend so Francis kidnaps her. Deadpool goes to the X-Mansion and asks for some help in getting Vanessa back. Will they be able to find Francis and rescue Vanessa.

It was a fun movie and all especially with how most of the other comic book movies are so serious these days. There were great jokes about like the X-universe who Professor X is, and the ending of Ferris Bueller. If you are looking for a fun Superhero movie this is for you, it’s not as predictable as some of the MCU films have gotten.


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