Star Trek Beyond (2016)

The latest Star Trek film has come out, it is the 13th of the series the third of the rebooted timeline. It is an odd movie so you’d think that it’s going to be bad but that trope has seemed to have reversed since Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), with the rebooted Star Trek doing well and Into Darkness feeling very derivative of The Wrath of Kahn, now Beyond come out and feel a whole lot closer to the original concept.  Some spoilers to follow.

Beyond picks up three years after the end of Into Darkness during the third year of the crew’s five year voyage. After failing to broker peace between two races. The ship is running out of supplies and they are heading towards Starbase Yorktown to resupply and for shore leave. The crew is rocked by doubts, Kirk is haunted by the death of his Father and wonders what the meaning of the mission is as he applies for Vice Admiral of the Starbase, Spock gets news that Ambassador Spock had died and wonders if going back to New Vulcan, this causes friction between Uhura and Spock and they decide to breakup. When an escape pod drifts into Yorktown with a survivor, Kalara, she says that her crew crashed on a planet it’s up to the Enterprise to help her out. They head for the Nebula where Kalara’s crew is and when they get there are ambushed by a massive swarm of ships and the Enterprise crashes and the crew using escape pods get captured by Krall. The crew is broken into four groups, Kirk and Chekov, Spock and Bones, Scotty, and Sulu and Uhura along with the rest of the captured crew. With no ship how will they get off the planet and will they get the crew back together before Krall can find and use an ancient bioweapon, a part of which was on the Enterprise.

The film is great it’s got some nice nods to the classic series and Greg Grunberg shows up. If you were disappointed by the last film come and see this one as it works. For non-Star Trek fans it is a decent film, sure you won’t be getting some of the references but it doesn’t really distract from the film. I hope that the next film comes out in like 2018 during the final year of the five year mission as that seems like the logical next film to make.


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