Old Technology

This week it seems like old tech in just popping up everywhere. On Monday I was looking for something for my Mom and found a trove of floppy discs. I can’t read what’s on them so they are are completely useless to me, but I remember back in the day taking a floppy disc with me to the library to work on papers for school and now you can do it mostly online or you just bring a laptop with you where ever you are going.  Then yesterday I read that VHS players are still made in Japan but not for much longer as Funai Electronics has announced that they will cease production due to lack of sales and difficulty finding parts.  Sure some consider VHS tapes to the Vinyl Records of the analog film and it just seems kind of funny that with the amount of VHS tapes people have I still own about twenty and sure I understand why DVD and then Blu-rays came out, but most of my movie collection is in DVDs and I’ve yet to get a blu-ray player. VHS had a long life time and it’s not ending with the end of production of the VCR as I’m sure a vast majority of people still have tapes lying around and perhaps have a combo VHS/DVD or Blu-ray player.  We’ve got Vinyl records as a niche market for audiophiles could VHS tapes be that for a subset of cinephiles while other are after the ultra 4k IMAX experience at their homes, would computer data storage ever come to a point like this where people are craving an outdated format because it hold the data better or do people just like to have like a GB that they can move computer to computer so they can do whatever they want with it. I’ve been working through my parents reel to reel collection and digitizing it so that they can listen through their computer and it’s a whole lot easier bringing my portable hard drive with the music over and transferring a bunch of music at a time.


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