News Roundup

Starting with some sad news Garry Marshall, Film and Television director and creator of Happy Days, has passed away at 81. If you have no clue who Garry Marshall is you are bound to have watched something that he was involved in from Pretty Woman and the Princess Diaries on film or basically all the popular shows from the 70s, Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, Laverne and Shirley, The Odd Couple.

Transportation: This was a unique story and it seem like it might be the future for all as well the NYC Subway in their 2020 plans will be adding WiFi and USB ports into cars and stations. Some people think it’s a stupid plan and would rather the Subway system just work and be clean. It like many other systems across the country are underfunded and falling apart. Then there is the USB ports as well which would be stuffed with trash and/or cause trains to be in for repair/upgrades. Not to mention the feasibility of charging a device while on a subway train and who would get to use the ports. Let’s just forget about these added value features and spend the money where it is needed on the systems themselves. It would be wonderful if the United States could look at Public Transportation as a good thing and not as a third tier replacement for the car.

Politics: So, Donald Trump has been officially nominated by the GOP to be their candidate for President and Mike Pence as Vice President. Trump will give an acceptance speech on Thursday night on the final day of the Republican National Convention.


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