National Conventions

For the next two weeks we have the Republican National Convention (July 18-21) and the Democratic National Convention (July 25-28) happening in Cleveland and Philly respectively. At these conventions they will officially nominate the President and Vice President Candidates as well as establish the party platform what they will run for in the fall.

We’ve heard some rumors of what happening in Cleveland with The New York Times releasing an early roster of speakers. Trump claims it will be all showbiz and more exciting than the 2012 Convention and I expect to see lots of gold and Trump’s name emblazoned upon everything. The platform which will be discussed isn’t from this century, and more like something we might have seen back in the 50s. As it condemns the LGBT community and calls coal a “clean”energy source. The New York Times calls it “almost Victorian in its moralizing and deeply critical of how the modern American family has evolved.”  Although Trump has been married three times and the strict Christians ideals are at the top of the platform including the purge of pornography as a public health crisis. It’s really right wing stuff. We will get speeches from lots of people telling us how great Trump is including many of his children. There will also be some announcement of Mike Pence as the Vice Presidential candidate. Many people are predicting some type of protests in Cleveland in response to Trump some are concerned that this might lead to something akin to the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago with Police and protestors butting heads.

In Philadelphia there will be some demonstrations as well as there are many unhappy Sanders supporters. There is a bit more mystery behind the events in Philly as it’s ten days away, but it’ll be a big event with whomever the Veep is. As for the Democratic platform it’s very progressive and one of the most progressive in history. It has some key elements of the Sanders campaign like the $15 minimum wage and legalization of marijuana as well as elements from Clinton as well. Looking at both platforms it is a bit surprising that they both came from the same nation


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