Baseball predictions: Mid-season

Well we are about halfway through baseball season and back in April I made some prediction of who would be competing for the respective divisions most are still holding up so far but there have been some surprises in the first half of the season.

I was pretty spot on in the National League,with the only real difference is the wild card teams could be any 5 of the listed teams, although some are thinking that we might not see either team from last year’s World Series in the playoffs at all. I’ve added the Marlins and Cardinals to the possible wild card teams. Sure I not happy that the Giants have been streaking lately and might make it back to the World Series for the fourth time this decade it is an even year. I’m keeping the Mets on here as they are bound to do something before the trade deadline to bolster their pitching staff.

NL East: it’s between the Nationals, the Marlins and the NY Mets.
NL Central: The Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals are all within striking distance of the Cubs
NL West: SF Giants and LA Dodgers

In the American League I haven’t done as well, since the Royals aren’t doing that well and the Indians have a good team for the first time in forever hoping to follow the success of the basketball team from Cleveland. Although I hope for the Baltimore/Washington World Series I don’t see that happening this year as it seems unlikely that they will be in the playoffs.

AL East: Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays or Baltimore Orioles
AL Central: Cleveland Indians
AL West:  Texas Rangers and the Houston Colt .45s, I mean Astros

Many people are still calling for the Cubs in the World Series and even more are saying a Cubs win, it’s been far too long since they won anything.


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