News Roundup

Pokemon Go: Pokemon mania has swept across the US and Australia this past week with the release of the new game. There have been article about players suffering from walking so much and how “playing while black” might not be the best of ideas. Some locations are unhappy that there are Pokemon in their location like the Holocaust Museum in DC and places in Europe are already asking the makers of Pokemon Go to take like Auschwitz and other concentration camps as well, these like seem reasonable requests.  However, there is a surprising side effect to this game and that is more people are exploring where they live as it points out unique architecture as well as art and stuff like that. This is something wonderful and it’s a shame that it took a game for people to learn to explore where they live.

Politics: Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton so we are all set as we enter the Republican and Democratic Conventions next week. However there is wonderful news as Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate might be able to make it to the debate stage in the fall as he is currently sitting at about 10 percent and if it gets to 15 then he can be in the debates. Unfortunately he isn’t on the ballots across the nation. So it’s a slim chance but it would give those who don’t want to vote for Hillary or Trump someone to cast a vote for.

Sondheim: Stumbled upon this cool interview with James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim, where they give a dower look on the current state of Broadway musicals, aside from Hamilton many of them are adaptations of movies. If you have some time it gives an interesting look at the making of a musical and how revivals work.


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