The Boondocks

This comic strip/television series has a special place the strip began when I started high school and the show started while I was in college. Now a decade after the strip ended and two years since the end of the show. It focused on The Freeman Family; Robert (a Tuskegee Airman and Civil Rights activist), and his grandchildren Huey(a 10 year old revolutionary) and Riley(an 8 year old enthralled with gangsta culture); as they adjust to living in the suburbs after moving from Chicago.  I wonder how they would be facing the environment that we currently live in with so many innocent young blacks getting killed by police officers and the whole Black Lives Matter movement as well as the descent of the political system to a point we haven’t seen in years. If you never watched the show or read the strip give it a look and perhaps change your preconceived notions about who Black people are and what they can do. This goes both ways the White American as well as Black American need to realize that they need to be more than a stereotype of their culture.


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