News Roundup

Election 2016: This is huge news as Sanders $15 minimum wage a central part of his campaign has been incorporated into the draft of the Democratic platform. This is important for the simple fact that the current wage of 7.25 an hour isn’t enough to live on and we can see this by simply looking around the nation where over half the states have a wage higher many around $9. Washington DC is one of the places with the highest wages currently at 11.50 an hour and by 2020 if a bill is passed DC’s minimum wage will be 15 and tipped wages will be 5 an hour as well then they would inflate with the economy after that. It’s a smart idea but some people would rather have a basic income provided by the government however this is a more radical idea. It’s a smart idea and something that the Republicans are not going to be touching at all.

Architecture: This is a unique story as it talks about graffiti from the middle ages. In churches around England and I assume Europe there is graffiti on the walls depicting the life of the commoners from a time period when most of us think of Knights and Kings.  The article also gives a new look at graffiti as most of us have only encountered the spray painted things by the likes of Banksy but graffiti was commonplace in the ancient world even more so than it is today as everyone was leaving a mark to say they visited the sites of Europe.

Space: Juno has successfully made it’s way into orbit around Jupiter. This mission should help expand our knowledge about the planet. This is pretty cool since we don’t really know much about what’s underneath the clouds on Jupiter. I look forward to hear more information when ever NASA releases it.


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