Theater tickets

I am a big fan of theater, I was a part of the theater department in high school and flirted with majoring in theater in College. So it’s an important aspect of my life, sure I don’t have the thousands of dollars to drop to go up to New York and see something on Broadway. I also don’t have the hundreds of dollars to go to all the shows that I’d like to see in Washington DC.  So reading this article made some sense, Ticket prices for live theater is expensive and it is mostly attracting an old white audience. However just look at the market for Hamilton the American Musical, with tickets ranging from $140 to $550 from the box office which are sold out and on resale go from $800 to $3000+, but the audience seems to be as diverse as the other show it might be a bit younger but that’s about it.

The NPR piece looks at Signature Theatre in NYC who have done a radical thing and that is subsidized tickets for everyone. So you are not paying about fifty per ticket plus fees but around thirty.  This is a great thing as it gets more people access to live theater. Back in Shakespeare’s day tickets started at like a penny and went up to around six pennies. This is why it was popular entertainment, if live theater were about the same price of a movie ticket I really think that Hollywood would be scared as there are so many niche markets across the country where this might work real well but other places the best live theater they get to see might just be the local high schools or colleges productions. Perhaps it is time that live theater became an important form of entertainment for all races and ages of people.


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