Franciscan Crown: The Visitation

This decade we turn to the Visitation, Mary visiting Elizabeth is the second mystery just like in the regular Rosary. The feast of the Visitation has moved a bit over the ages it was began by Franciscians before 1263, Pope Urban VI in hopes to end the Papal schism added the feast (July 2) to the Roman Calendar in 1389. July 2 was the day after the end of the octave after the feast of the birth of John the Baptist. The feast stayed on July 2 until 1969 when Paul VI revised the calendar and moved it to May 31 between the feasts of Annunciation and Nativity of John (June 24) to better fit the Biblical narrative. In the East the feast is relatively new only dating back to the 19th century and the feast is on March 30 (April 12). However the feast is not accepted by all the various Orthodox Churches. Let us keep all those who are traveling this summer in our prayers that they get to their destination safely. We should also remember those who are hosting friend and family as well that everyone is kept safe and great memories can be made.


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