Newsround up

Unconventional music: I am a huge fan of Classical Crossover, a genre that blends pop music with classical. I first found out about this through Brad Mehldau’s jazz version of Paranoid Android , this in turn lead to The Radiohead Jazz Project. Songza had a station devoted to it and Scala & Kolachy Brothers is a women’s choir that does this. My latest find is Radiohead on the Clarinet, which is Radiohead songs played on the clarinet.

American Ninja Warrior: This year on the show there is an Orthodox rabbinical student running. This is pretty cool since he runs with a kippah and tzitzit, It says that his episode airs on June 27th and I hope that he gets through to at least the Philly Finals. It nice to see that someone can do all the things that they want and still be active in their religion.

US Politics: In a strange move, that seems like something we’d have seen before the House Republicans are now up in arms about redesigning the 20 dollar bill and putting Harriet Tubman on it. Rep. Steve King from Iowa has filed an amendment to the bill to keep Tubman off the 20, claiming he’s conservative and doesn’t like to change things King and other Republican want Jackson to stay on the front of the bill with Tubman on the reverse, similar to the plans for Hamilton on the 10 and Lincoln on the 5 which will add Women rights and Civil rights activists on the reverse on the respective bills. This seems like a petty reason to delay the introduction of the new series of bills.


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