Cleveland Championship

Well the NBA season is over and we have a surprising team as the winner. For the first time in 52 years Cleveland finally has a Championship team. LeBron James  is now a three time NBA Champion and Finals MVP, besting Kobe in Finals MVP and getting halfway to Michael Jordan’s six. The last time a major championship was won in Cleveland was way back when the Browns had a good team and won the NFL Championship back in 1964. Could this be the year when another long championship drought ends? So with the ending will we remember that Golden State basically dominated the regular season winning 73 game and it took until the end of May for Golden State to lose consecutive games. Sportswriters are going to be saying that this NBA Finals is when LeBron showed us who he can be, it was the first time that he won a title as an underdog and he’s got years left in his career, so he might reach MJ’s 6, but it doubtful he will get to Bill Russell’s record 11 Championships.

Will winning a Championship beat the “curse” and will other major sports teams, the Indians and Browns, do anything that seems remarkable this year. Sure the Indians are leading the AL Central as of right now so they might at least make the playoffs but it is a bit early to be sure about this. In the NFL it seems unlikely that the Browns will be much better this year compared to last year.  Sure they got rid of “Johnny Football” but brought the RGIII circus into town to fill the void and there are already article about if/how RGIII will be the starting QB come opening day.


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